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What If Hillary Clinton Had Won?

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What If Hillary Clinton Had Won?
David C. Grof
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What If Hillary Clinton Had Won?
There’s no denying, if any woman was to run for president, it should be Hillary Clinton. More women actively listened to the debates and paid attention now that there was a woman standing before them running for president. If Hillary Clinton won the presidential election of 2008, she would have shattered the glass ceiling that has kept so many women from running for president before her. The United States Congress has a low number of women in its ranks. This is partially because we don’t have quotas and actually vote (instead of women being appointed). However, I think Hillary Clinton would have motivated more women to become Senators and Representatives. I believe even in the local sector we would have found more women stepping up to take on roles such as governor or mayor. Right now, all the hype is about ObamaCare, but I do believe Hillary Clinton would have been just as concerned with a healthcare system for the country. The modern idea of having a female president would have been great for the future. Modernization isn’t always good for the present but in the long run it shows prosperity Women leaders are more likely to pass “women friendly” legislation. Being a woman, she probably would have focused on issues such as child care, abortion, education and divorce laws. She would have made women more aware of their rights and opportunities. Hillary Clinton would have probably played a huge role in supporting women across America to get involved in helping other nations in their quest for women’s rights. Although a woman, I don’t believe she would have ever given the women of America a feminist attitude, she was for equality and that meant for the rights of all women and men. Women’s vote aren’t taken for granted and if Hillary would have...

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