What If I Woke Up as a Girl

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Raul Castro Tohalino
Dr. Rubenstein
Human Sexuality
April 7, 2013

This would have never crossed my mind; but if one day I woke up and all the sudden I am a girl, I would freak the crap out! For starters, I would think that I am still sleeping and it’s just a dream. However, after a few minutes I would realize that it’s not a dream and that I became a girl overnight. After getting over the fact that I am now a girl, I would get up and check myself out to “see what I’m working with”. Then I would mentally prepare myself to getting hit on by every guy, because mentally I’m still a guy but physically I’m a women.
A couple benefits of being a girl however are ladies first, emotional blackmail, and makeup and dressing. Ladies first, every one of us must have heard of this phrase -” ladies first”. Being a girl or a woman we often enjoy this particularly special right when standing in a queue or waiting in a crowded train or bus for a vacant seat. This is a fully known point that the vacant seat must be given to a lady first If there is any. And If unfortunately any idiot (obviously a man) doesn’t follow the acclaimed rule then he must get ready to be embarrassed by the co-travelers. Emotional blackmail, this is again something can only be done If you are a girl. Being in a relationship sometimes there are few demands that we want to be fulfilled by our partners at any cost, whether they want to or not. Trust me this emotional blackmailing is the strongest weapon of girls to get that demand fulfilled. We can cry and can give some emotional reasons on our part and the next party (the boy) has to surrender. Make up and dressing, unlike boys we can enhance our natural beauty by applying a little make-up and can conceal our zits and other minute skin disorders by some small trick. I can bet no boy can look as beautiful as much as a girl looks in a girl’s dress whereas…...