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What Image Is Presented of Julius Ceasar in Act 1 and by What Means?

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What image is presented of Julius Caesar in Act 1 and by what means?
Tension and excitement is created by friends and foes of Julius Caesar, to present Caesar in different ways.
At the surface of much of what Caesar says, he comes across rather arrogant. However if you look closely at what he says he seems quite the opposite, and rather vulnerable and scared “I rather tell thee what is to be feared, than what I fear; for always I am Caesar’. Caesar strongly and confidently says this; he, consequently does not truly feel this. Caesar ironically (because he is the leader) feels scared, possibly targeted. Therefore he is saying such things to cover up his true feelings by saying ‘for always I am Caesar’ to say I’m Caesar I’m immune to fear, but this is not completely valid. Caesar’s arrogance is shown when a soothsayer is trying to warn him, “He is a dreamer, let us leave him” Caesar is very patronising and comes across as he is too good for a small soothsayer. “To touch Calpurnia for our elders say the barren, touched in this holy chase shake off their sterile curse” This is rather brutal and insensitive to Calpurnia’s feelings, but, producing a son is a top priority in a man’s life. The fact Caesar was failing, is humiliating for him, and a big worry. To pull the three quotes together Caesar on the surface seems rather brutal, ruthless and arrogant by what he says; however he is really quite fearful and the opposite.
Contrasting what Caesar thinks of himself to what other think of him creates a different perception. “When Caesar says ‘do this’ it is performed” Many would think that Caesar is a very authoritative voice, and many listen to him. Caesar’s weak frame is presented straight away in the play, “tis true, this God did shake, his cowards lips did from, their colour fly” This is commenting on how Caesars physically weak Caesar is and how he is a coward. Brutus…...

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