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What Is Automated External Defibrillator Used for

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An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a lightweight portable device that delivers an electric shock to the heart after sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The shock is needed to reset the heart after SCA. Cardiac arrest is a condition wherein the heart produces irregular rhythm and then stops beating. This is a medical emergency as the blood flow to the brain and internal organs will cease. If no immediate care is done for individuals having sudden cardiac arrest, the chances of survival will decrease since the condition may result in death within minutes.
Automated external defibrillators make it possible for people to respond immediately to individuals that are having sudden cardiac arrest. This is one of the tools used by emergency medical responders and is used to provide electrical shock to “shockable” heart rhythms.
What are “shockable” heart rhythms?
The heart has its own electrical system that triggers the contraction of the heart muscles. It is responsible for the control of all of the events that occur in the heart during pumping out of blood to the circulation. When there are problems within the heart, blood vessels and electrolytes may cause a disruption of the electrical system and may result in arrhythmia.
Arrhythmias are problems with the conduction of electricity in the heart that causes abnormal heart rhythms. There are a number of arrhythmias but not all of them are treated with defibrillation. The only “shockable” arrhythmias are pulseless ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation. Both of these arrhythmias may cause cardiac arrest.
Ventricular tachycardia is the fast, regular beating of the ventricles. During this arrhythmia, there is decreased blood that is pumped through the circulation because there is also a little amount of time for the ventricles (the chambers of the heart that fills during relaxation) to fill. Since the…...

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