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What Is Beauty?

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Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder. This phrase first appeared in Greece in the third century BC and is still believed by people today. With today's society’s standards, though, who is the beholder? The media produced all around us makes beauty seem like some big thing and that all people should look the way a model looks on a billboard or in a magazine. What kind of message is this? If you don't like the way your body looks, just try to make it look like that supermodel you saw! This is an awful way of portraying beauty to youth, so really, what exactly is beauty? There are many different views on what beauty is all over the world. Ancient Greeks introduced beauty as something that produces delightful reactions and sensations in the mind. In that time period, proportion and symmetry were beautiful to the human eye. The Ancient Greeks thought pale skin and golden colored hair were beautiful and showed prestige. Greek women would take the risk of lightening their skin with white lead, a toxic material that very well could have shortened their lifespans. To lighten their hair to this nice golden color, they would apply vinegar to their locks and spend time in the sun. To prevent tanning their skin while doing this process, brimmed hats were used to shield the skin from the sun’s rays (Beautiful with Brains). The Greeks were obsessed with the human physique, being an example of perfect symmetry. Aesthetics like these were what led to the modern opinions of what beauty really is ( Over the years, beauty has become a deceiving false advertisement that corrupts the minds of young people, popularly young girls. Magazines, billboards, and television make weight loss and the results something to strive for. The use of anti-aging serums, copious amounts of makeup, and weight loss supplements have been promoted by big companies to audiences that...

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