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What Is Business Ethics

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What is business ethics



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What is business ethics?

Business ethics often measured good standards, by his or her business conduct and professionalism. It is imperative that leaders and management of businesses uphold the business to its highest degree of ethics, also in his or her personal lives. The motive for this is essential, business can influence social and to consumers confidence. If a business is constantly showing unprofessional ethical behaviors, the business communities will consider them not trustworthy. To build business cliental it is vital to maintain a high sense of business ethics.

According to the UFCW, 2010 working’s union said the public think the merchandise Wal-Mart sales are made right here in the United States, most of Wal-Mart department store private label clothing were manufactured in countries worldwide (UFCW, 2010). Wal-Mart is one of the major importers of overseas merchandise according the to UFCWs website. This is an ethical decision because the sweatshops pay is little to nothing, when being compared to the United States. Wal-Mart is as slave masters, put workers in a small room, put material before them, and tell them to work, these overseas countries work at a poverty wage, this is measured as an ethical decision since these sweat shops usually pay workers at very low hourly rate compared to American workers.

When businesses outsource their work overseas, the companies profit rises, stockholders are happy on his or her returns on gross. This is an ethical problem for many reasons, (1). Taking jobs from American workers, this affects the community. (2). In addition, given approval to sweatshops working conditions, compared to the working conditions of the United States workers. The United States government may not have knowledge of...

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