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What Is Communication

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What communication is?
Communication can be a variety of things such as speech, body language, listening skills, giving information, written communication, and physical communication. They are many ways to communicate with people each communication creates a relationship. There are good and bad relationships, it all depends on the tone of voice and their body language used. For example a good relationship would be talking to someone in a good tone like a nursery teacher who has to talk to pupils with a soft calm tone the only time they change the tone is when the behaviour of the pupil is not to a standard. Bad relationship, bad communication for example would be a teenager talking to a bus driver in a low and high volume speech (shouting) this may be caused by the wrong understanding between the two people another example could be a court judge showing they are bored with there body language as the defendant is trying to speak the reasons for being bored are as follows the defendants tone or volume maybe too low or too high. Communication is a message sent between two people who are the messenger and the receiver, the messenger is the person sending a type of communication which the receiver can understand the receiver then needs to understand what the messenger has sent and gives them feedback (an answer).
What are Barriers to communication?
Barriers to communication are things such as background noise. Someone screaming next to you for instance while you is trying to talk to them about something confidential. Also, how far you are from someone can affect the relationship and communication given, usually you wouldn’t do this when you’re trying to have a private conversation or if a person has difficulty in hearing or is deaf or blind, then there are barriers for that too such as if a person is blind, you will need to use your voice to communicate and if...

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