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What Is Digital Pr?

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Digital PR is the method of using the internet for promotional campaigns and spreading valuable information regarding one’s company. This term may also be referred to as Online PR.

Online PR involves activities geared towards influencing media, communities and audiences that exist solely on the Internet, using online mediums. It includes search engines, blogs, news search, forums, discussion threads, social networks and other online communication tools. Brand reputation monitoring and management is also a focus area for online PR.

Digital PR is extremely useful in enhancing one’s organizations online reputation, delivering key messages to target audiences. It aids in positioning the company as a credible organization and an authority in the industry. Digital PR helps in differentiating one from its competition as well as raises awareness, influences opinion and creates niches.

Simply put, one can say that with the advancements in technology, PR sees the onset of using the internet and digital tools as a method of disseminating information. Digital PR aims at achieving the same goals as traditional methods of PR, but is done on an online portal.

The most effective and basic Digital PR tools are the following:

Search Engine Optimization:
Keyword optimized news content is a key device for digital PR. Press releases, media coverage and digital assets such as images or video can be optimized using keywords so as to improve search visibility. This helps in marketing, online reputation and can attract analysts, bloggers and journalists.
Some tips for improving SEO activity include creating a keyword glossary and training writers on basic SEO copywriting and linking; including web pages, releases, images, video, PDFs, MS Word Docs on the online forum; identifying a destination page as a topic target & building content,…...

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