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What Is Friendship?

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What is friendship? What is friendship? People have been asking this question for centuries, and we can never know the exact answer that will fit everybody’s definition of friendship. Friends are people without whom your life wouldn’t be complete. They are the people who you know for ages, or even if you don’t you feel like you were born on the same day. They will always be by your side and will help you with any troubles. In the dictionary you can find three definitions of friendship:
1. The quality or condition of being friends
2. A friendly relationship
3. Friendliness, good will
In order to know what all these definitions mean we need to figure out what is the definition for friends. A friend is defined as a person whom one knows, likes, and trusts. So friendship is when two people know each other well, and trust each other. Friendship is the relationship between two people who really care about each other. Your friendship will keep you happy, but it is not easy. Friendship demands time and effort, and sometimes you have to step over your pride and put yourself on the place of your friend, and see what she feels even if you think you are correct. But in exchange, a friend can provide a lot of support and comfort in good times and bad. Many things are needed to make friendship a real one, including trustworthiness, support, honesty, and loyalty. Friendship is supposed to make both people happy, and enjoying their relationship. Yes, each person has an individual character and it is hard to find people who share your thoughts. Also, it might occur that at one point of life you are friends, and then something happened and you can never be friends anymore. Things happen, this is how life is. But without friendship, it’s hard to maintain happiness. In my opinion, friendship is when you...

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