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What Is Meant by Hypnosis

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The State of Hypnosis
Throughout the centuries history has taught us that various forms of hypnosis have been evident in many cultures. Whether it be hypnotic trance like states used by the Aboringines and the North American Indians or the theory of ‘animal magnetism’ as developed in Austria by Franz Mesmer. Mesmer’s initial work centred on applying magnets to his patient’s bodies, his belief being that the body contained fluid that ebbed and flowed according to the laws of magnetism. Mesmer’s theories evolved over time, during the 18th and 19th century’s a number of prominent practitioners (Faria, Puysegur, Braid, Esdaile, Elliotson, Liebeault, Bernheim and Freud) studied, expanded and improved on Mesmer’s concepts and experiences. During this period the theory shifted from magnets and magnetic flows to psychological force, progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) and suggestive implants. Today’s hypnosis has developed even further through the greater use of technology and a far better understanding of the way the brain, the conscious and subconscious mind works.

The Physical and Psychological aspects of Hypnosis
The brain operates in four main wave cycle groups namely Beta (15 to 40 cycles per second), Alpha (9 to 14 cycles per second), Theta (4 to 8 cycles per second) and Delta (1 to 4 cycles per second). On a daily basis we move in and out of all of these brain wave sequences many times a day.
Whilst we complete conscious tasks such as critical thinking, writing, reading, conversation and socialising, the brain is in Beta phase. The brain moves into Alpha when we are in a relaxed state feeling calm and a sense of good well-being. The Alpha frequency range bridges the gap between our conscious thinking (Beta) and the subconscious mind (Theta). Theta waves are present when an individual is involved in daydreaming or sleeping. During our normal daily activities...

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