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What Is Politics and Why Is It Important?

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What is politics and why is it important?

“Politics” is a word that poses a multitude of meanings because of its international character. It originated from ancient Greece from the greek word for a city state which in terms originates from the word for community. It meant the “matters of the city”. Through the years and into the different languages its meaning drifted apart to some extent.
In general this word is associated with the governing process. The way society is being ruled and the way people are being influenced and molded to believe in their representatives and their ideals and goals. This idea explains politics more as a tool for a one-way communication between the governor, whether he is the president of the republic or of the company or any other executive member that has power over a collective, and said collective. Being a one-way channel, this leads to the easy abuse of the method and the present day “bad ring” to the word. Even so this does not diminish the importance of “Politics”.
Politicians and politics serve a vital role in society because, love them or hate them, in the current state of the international, or at least, local, community no other alternatives exist for the healthy life of a civilizations. Leaders and their one way communication will always exist at least for now. This is why politics is so important for us.
The mentioned abuse of the system only occurs due to its reliance on trust. This explains why it so easily corruptible. It takes only one abusive action from just one politician for all of them to be labeled as frauds without having any facts on that. It resembles a domino effect. It is safe to say however that despite the public secret that people do not trust their leaders, not one bit, we are still governed by the same system. This ,in a way, proves that politics works for society in society’s current condition....

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