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A religion is a composed gathering of convictions, social frameworks, and world perspectives that relate humankind to a request of presence Many religions have stories, images, and hallowed histories that intend to clarify the significance of life and/or to clarify the root of life or the Universe. From their convictions about the universe and individual temperament, individuals may determine profound quality, morals, religious laws or a favored way of life. As indicated by a few assessments, there are approximately 4,200 religions on the planet. Numerous religions may have composed practices, pastorate, a meaning of what constitutes adherence or participation, heavenly places, and scriptures. The act of a religion may incorporate ceremonies, sermons, celebration or love (of a divinity, divine beings or goddesses), presents, celebrations, galas, daze, starts, funerary administrations, wedding administrations, reflection, petition to God, music, craftsmanship, move, open administration or different parts of human society. Religions might likewise contain mythology.
Some of the key essential for a tradition to be called religion included the emphasis on the intellectual or cognitive component. The desire for people that ought to identify "the deeper motive which underlies them made most of the popular traditions to be regarded as religions because they needed to identify with something that they felt was bigger than them and of great immense value. The sacredness of the tradition as perceived by its adherers for example in African tradition society where people worshiped in mountains and also believed that some trees were sacred and deserved respect was once a tradition but it later become a religion which is observed even in the present day age. Societal settings and teaching that are transmitted from generations to generations also impact in the…...

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...What is religion? What is religion? I believe that religion is the belief in something greater, greater meaning something that is not tangible to human beings. It is a belief in some kind of unknown that can be used to answer questions and fill in gaps that could not otherwise be answered or filled in. Also along with this belief in an unknown I believe there is a certain moral code or set of standards which are also believed in as a way aiding in a person’s decision making and guiding them through life in a positive way. If both of these criteria are met than it can be justified as a religion. The reason there is a need to believe in an unknown or something greater in religion is because it is the only way to justify answering questions that no one really has the answers to. When unknown things happen or questions are thought of that cannot be explained people need to have a way to explain them. It cannot simply just be ignored just because the answer cannot be found. People are curious by their nature and need to have answers. Believing in an unknown or greater power can answer peoples’ questions. This belief in an unknown makes the unknown justifiable, because people can create an answer to cure their curiosity. They can say that whatever just happened or is going to happen is because of the unknown. Along with this belief in an unknown a certain set of standards or positive moral code should also be followed to be considered a religion because there has to be...

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...Jehovah Witnesses Jehovah witnesses are very similar but yet different to the modern day religion. As Jehovah’s do believe that Christ is God as Christians do, they seem to believe in his word a little more strongly then the average Christian. According to The Crystal reference encyclopedia, this religious movement was founded in 1872 by Charles Taze Russell (1852–1916) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and known as International Bible Students until 1931. Their name comes from the Bible, the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 43, Verses 10 and 11. The meaning behind the name is rather clear. It indicates that they bear witness to Jehovah — Jehovah being the personal name of God. It is of vital importance to them that their beliefs be based on the Bible and not on mere human speculations or religious creeds. They feel as did the apostle Paul when he expressed himself under inspiration. Jehovah's Witnesses believe that all religious teachings should be subjected to this test of agreement with the inspired Scriptures, whether the teaching is offered by them or by someone else. They invite you—urge you—to do this in your discussions with them. The modern Christians today to not urge you on discussions. Some Christians are very leery about that subject because some people are so touchy when it comes to religion. They do not evangelize as much as I’m sure God would have them too. Witnesses consider the 66 books of the bible to be inspired and historically accurate as do Christians. What is...

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...What Does Religion Look Like Course Title: World Religions In this paper I will discuss the criteria that I would employ to determine if people on earth can be spotted out by a religion. Religion is a collection of cultural systems, belief systems, and worldviews that institutes symbols that narrates humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values. Many religions have chronicles, symbols, traditions and scared histories that are intended to give a formation to life or to clarify the origin of life or the universe. On planet earth religion is something that is very noticeable beginning with the Amish and Muslims. You will be able to tell rather a person is religion by looking at there attire. A female Muslim would be dress with a hijab, which is a head covering. The hijab that the Muslim is covered with is a meaning of her appearance not being judged by men but are forced to assess there personality, character, and morals. (IslamiCity, 2012) The attire for a women is an entitlement that is given to them and not a obligation. So me coming from an unknown planet to visit earth, I would think they are quite different in some way. Not appearing to look like the other humans that are present on earth. Amish are a Protestant anti-modernist religious group that was founded in the 1690s. The Amish was created by a Mennonite preacher who criticized other Mennonites for their failure to adhere to traditional standards. Mennonite is a...

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...Activity 2 – Implicit Association Test (IAT) TEST 1 (fill in the name of the first test you take here): Religion Cut and paste your results here https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/Study?tid=-1 The graphic wouldn't copy properly so I think the link should still get you to my results. I had a central score for Hinduism/Christianity with Judaism and Islam being slightly higher and lower respectively. Discuss your results. Do you think you are biased with regards to this group? Why/why not? Were you surprised by your results? Why/why not? I was slightly surprised by my results. I try to stay as unbiased as possible when discussing any religious group-so the very central scores for Christianity and Hinduism were not that surprising. I was very surprised that I gave Judaism a higher positive regard over any other religion-though I was raised in a secular home, my parents came from a Christian background. The negative regard for Islam also surprised me, but I suppose media bias and constant negative portrayals have seeped into my perception. TEST 2 (fill in the name of the second test you take here): Native Test Cut and paste your results here: 1 Your data suggest a strong association of White Am. with Foreign and Native Am. with American compared to Native Am. with Foreign and White Am. with American. Discuss your results. Do you think you are biased with regards to this group? Why/why not? Were you surprised by your......

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...Humanities 10 Fall 2012 What is Religion Anyway? The definition of religion is very subjective. Many people change their definition of religion to suite their own needs, or to justify their own beliefs. Each religion has its own take on being “religious”; I feel that it is important to have a foundation on which the term religion can be defined. To me, religion can be defined by the following three categories: the belief in a higher power that physically or mentally can have an affect on ones life and is the authority in a “religious culture”; having a set of written or oral scriptures that are passed through the generations, used to teach the people of the culture the ways and traditions of their religion and way of life; and rituals that are carried out within the Religion. A higher power must be one that the “religious culture” believes has an impact on the people and that they view as the one an only higher power. The written or oral scriptures are the center point of the teachings of the religion, detailing the past and helping to pave the future for the religion. Rituals are carried out at certain times, places and events in order to please or praise their “God” or higher power, and as celebrations in the religious culture. These rituals can be but are not limited to, song, dance, praise, worship, meditation, and acts of kindness. The primal religions believe in a “God” or higher power even though they do not identify who or what that higher...

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...I am a Christian, black woman. I am not the most religious person in the world but I do believe that Jesus Christ died so that I could be here on earth. This is the way that I was raised. As I got older I began to do my own research into religion and what it entails just so that I could determine if this was a religion that I wanted to be a part of, and it actually was. In my neighborhood every Saturday and Sunday Jehovah’s Witness members come out to our place of residence and offer information on their religion. They are very forthcoming with their beliefs and always have their scriptures and pamphlets to back up every word they speak. The religion I chose to do my research on is Islam, The word Islam means submission. Muslim people follow the Quran which is believed to be the revelation to humanity as opposed to the Holy Bible that provides. They believe that God transmitted information to prophet: Adam, Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Christians believe in trinity which consists of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit where as trinity is totally rejected while in Islam. The Muslims only believe in God who is referred to as Allah and they see absolutely no divinity in Jesus. Muslims are willing to share knowledge that is based on the Quran with anyone who eliminates what they consider to be facts about their own religion. For example you cannot approach them speaking of Jesus Christ and your belief that the only way to the Father is through the son. From my own personal...

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...Religion is one of most profound traditions today. Many people believe that by continually staying connected to a high power or source, brings a sense of inner peace from within. Religion is one of most captivating studies and discussed subjects known to mankind. Religion can bring many people together in masses for spiritual connections, and religion can also divide country as well as nations that results in conflict to even wars around the world. Although religion can be complex in focus, specific elements within religious traditions are related and transcend into individual beliefs of religious sectors, or sacred religions within themselves. The paper will provide brief variations on how various traditions within religions can encourage relationships by actively being connected divinely sacred, scared dwellings, as well as other relationships with followers and believers or headship, such as clergy, priest, and pastors of from religions. What a Religious Tradition Does and Relationship to the Sacred Understanding the relationship with a divine connection one must possess the knowledge of its divine source, such as whom and what is sacred. Monotheism meaning one God relates to religions, such as Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Polytheism meaning numerous of Gods relate to religions, such as in Hinduism religion can be defined an organized group in beliefs, cultural systems. Many world observations can relate to a higher power, supernatural into spirituality...

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... a person being religious, the three are intertwined as religious creed imparts knowledge about what is seen as good and bad in accordance to the expectations of God. Individually persons internally interpret what is moral or immoral, but the values that help them in determining right or wrong have been instilled in them by the value system of religion. According to Smith, “American religions promote moral directives… that youth may use to guide their life choices”. The values bestowed onto the American youth by their religious sects, provides these individuals with to assist in guiding their actions throughout their lives (Smith 22). Religion does exert significant influence on the establishment of social norms such as morality, assisting individuals in determining what is considered to be moral and immoral, and guiding their subsequent behaviours in relation. In the article “Social Norms and Religion in Europe and Asia”, Terwiel compares and contrasts the state of social norms and religion, and their influences in these provinces. Europeans believe that the lord divulged the principles of integrity by which all of humanity should live. These codes of morality serve as a guide for individuals to base their actions on and abide by, as all of mankind will be judged on their actions during life, based on the concept of morality, in order to gain acceptance into the afterlife. Persons who lived moral lives would spend the afterlife in eternal bliss, whereas those who failed to...

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...Religions of Ancient Origin 22 indicative hours The focus of this study is the response of religions of ancient origin to the human search for ultimate meaning and purpose. The five religious traditions of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism are NOT to be studied. Syllabus Outcomes: P1 describes the main characteristics of religion and belief systems P2 identifies the influence of religion and belief systems on individuals and society P6 selects and uses relevant information about religion from a variety of sources P7 undertakes effective research about religion, making appropriate use of time and resources P8 uses appropriate terminology related to religion and belief systems P9 effectively communicates information, ideas and issues using appropriate written, oral and graphic forms Content: Students are to select TWO religions of ancient origin to study from the following: - Aztec or Inca or Mayan - Celtic - Nordic - Shinto - Taoism - an Indigenous religion from outside Australia |Students learn about: |Students learn to...

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...Semih BOZ 21102153 Section: 5 ABSTRACT One of the discussion topics of music world is the relation between heavy metal music and religions. It is generally thought by non-authority people that heavy metal is music of Satanism. This remains as a prejudice, because the truth is different from what is thought of. The early times metal bands are even conservative and they have nothing to do with Satan in terms of religion. But most of the metal bands used satanic elements in lyrics, in music or on the stage. However, the intension of it is to attract listener’s attention. On the other hand, there is a small group in Norway actually worshipping Satan. In spite of the fact that they are in small numbers, their big actions made people talked about themselves. WHAT IS THE RELATION BETWEEN HEAVY METAL AND RELIGION? Heavy metal is a music genre which has very hardcore sound and brutal theme in terms of lyrics. It covers the issues like life, death religion love betrayal etc. It is generally associated with black color and heavy metal bands seem very tough wearing black and silver stuff. This is some kind of requirement to be a metal band, because this music deals with the issues which are not mentioned explicitly by any other genres but heavy metal, then that music is something strong and brave. Therefore, who makes that kind of music should appear in the same way. If and only if, they ought to have a strong theme. This strong theme comes from the music which is made by powerful...

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...1. What are some of the questions religion seeks to answer? Reflect on these deep metaphysical and ethical questions, and give an account of how you have tried to answer these questions, either through a theological or philosophical response. (For some of you this course may be your first opportunity to independently reflect on these deep rooted religions questions.) I think some of the questions religion seeks to answer are questions like: What happens after we die? Where did we originate from? How should we treat others and our surroundings? I have come to a current conclusion on not knowing for definite the answer to any of these questions. I have many thoughts on them. I think that maybe after we die our energy disperses and creates new beings in some fashion, not even necessarily beings but matter. I feel like maybe déjà vu occurs because we are compiled of energies from a million other beings/substances and it’s your energy remembering a similar situation. I think this out of the context that energy cannot be created or destroyed. I don’t know as if we will continue to have the same collection of consciousness or not. I would like to think we would because that’s a fun thought. I have spent a lot of time contemplating ideas such as these. I also don’t know where we originate. I understand our planet’s evolution and a bit beyond that. What I don’t understand (and probably never will) is what is beyond that. So, ok, we evolved through billions of years and I get that...

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... found a balance with their religion and their free will. Many of these ideals of having premarital sex do exist in Eastern countries, just not to the extent that they exist in Western countries. Religion plays a significant role in the life of individuals in any society. It has played as a moral builder for thousands and thousands of years and has been variously acknowledged. The steady decline on the following of not having premarital sex may be associated with the fact that in more modern times people are now looking to religion more for its personal meaning and how they choose to interpret the bible themselves and less for its moral rules, like the views on premarital sex. One-in-five American adults expressed no religious preference in 2012, up from one-in- fourteen in 1987, according to the General Social Survey, a nationally representative survey of households (Smith et al. 2013). This survey could also tell us why the numbers of those who follow the beliefs of premarital sex has gone down as the Christians who still practice no sex until marriage have been lowering in numbers as people convert to having no religion at all. The belief and practice of no sex until marriage is still strong though out the Christian religion. Though, now people are choosing what they do with their bodies and they believe that they can still follow God while being this way. As Christianity becomes more modernized and personalized people take what they want from the religion and choose......

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...What is Religion? What is religion? Personally religion is defined as believing in a higher power. This gives us an identity and relationships. Religion has two categories and seven dimensions. One category is Dualism. Dualism posits a cosmos or universe in which the Creator, God, is separate and distinct from the creation. The in-world experience is a threat or stumbling block to real experience - be it in Heaven or some other transcendent realm - will thrust believers into a pattern of using force to remake that world (http://faculty.deanza.edu/burkesusan/stories/storyReader$39). The other category is Monism Sacred power was diffused throughout the natural world (http://faculty.deanza.edu/burkesusan/stories/storyReader$39). This first dimension is The Practical and Ritual Dimension. Both Dualism and Monism have practices, prayers, and rituals. Christianity practices prayers, churches, and hymns. This happens every Sundays, Sunday evenings, and with personal experiences even on Wednesdays. As the Hindu and Buddhist Religion focus on meditation to focus on love and so on (Philosophy of Religion, Gary E. Kessel). The Second Dimension to religion is Experiential and Emotional Dimensions. This means religions with its rituals give us a sense of peace and satisfaction. No matter what type of religion we are. If it wasn’t for the sense of peace or satisfaction we probably wouldn’t believe in our religions. One of the main reason music is so potent in...

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