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Life Coaching
Spiritual Formation: What Does It Mean?

Liberty University

This research paper will give a brief examination of the history and development of life coaching in general, and then it will look towards the niche coaching specialty of spiritual formation. This writer will endeavor to answer the question, “Spiritual formation: what does it mean?” There will be discussion around this topic as it is examined from several perspectives and worldviews. It will include an brief overview of secular, non-religious, and non-Christian religious worldviews. Judeo-Christian worldviews will be discussed highlighting biblical aspects with regard to spiritual formation and how it may fit with a life coach who is familiar and skilled with this specialty niche. From this vein of information the reader should be well able to extrapolate a clear view of not only what spiritual formation is or can be and how its development is a personal journey. Additionally, the reader should have gained a good understanding of how the journey can be assisted with the help of a like-minded life coach.

Introduction Historical Overview of Life Coaching This overview looks at events that began in the 1980’s. Thomas Leonard was a professional financial planner, whose many clients asked for his help with other life issues they were experiencing. After dealing with these client matters for a time, Leonard chose to close his financial planning business and become a full-time life coach. He founded Coach University in 1992. In 1995 the International Coaching Federation (ICF) was launched to provide a necessary regulatory instrument with the ability to certify new coaching programs that were being offered by some of the leading universities in the US and Canada. The ICF penned a definition for this emerging professional occupation: coaching – “partnering with clients...

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