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What Is The Cause And Effect Of The American Revolution

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The American Revolution A cause and effect essay

The united States of America declares Independence ! “When the year seventeen seventy six began only few colonists could have predicted what could have happened in the very near future.” Page one hundred seventy paragraph two ,in our penance hall american book the author stated the information above. Most colonists still hopped for a peaceful quarrel with Britain. So let me ask you a question , What was the cause and effect of The American Revolution? Well the cause of the American Revolution is that, After King George had rejected the Olive Branch Petition ,Thousands of British troops were sent out into the colonies to fight. The effect is that, the american patriots declared Independence on Britain to stop the quarrel. The Americans thought that These United Colonies are free of right and ought to be free and independent states all political connection between them and the state of great Britain is and ought to be totally dissolved.

The cause was The United States of America had sent King George the Olive branch
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Unfortunately these efforts failed ,the King of britain,(King George), had turned down the petition and sent two hundred thousand of his troops into the colonies to end the revolt after he had declared the “in open … rebellion” parliament” on page one hundred fifty eight paragraphs one and also paragraph three Thomas Jefferson stated “to die a freeman rather than to live as slaves”.page one hundred fifty eight paragraph two the author states what I have written above the author als says that even months after lexington and concord many delegates still hopped for peace in the colonies .The effect is that they wanted peace on January of 1776 a fifty age pamphlet was written about common sense which

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