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What Is the Difference Between and It Strategy Committee and an It Steering Committee?

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The IT strategy committee operates at the board level while the IT steering committee is at the executive level, which brings about a contrast in their authority and membership makeup.
The IT Strategy committee seeks to advise the board and management on the IT Strategy of the organization whereas an IT Steering Committee assists the executive body in the delivery of the IT strategy. While the IT Strategy committee focuses on current and future strategic IT issues the IT Steering Committee focused on the implementation of those issues. This entails that the IT Steering Committee oversees the day to day management of IT service delivery and major IT projects while the IT Strategy Committee has the broader role of ensuring there is alignment between IT and business strategy through enterprise IT governance.
In terms of membership, an IT Steering Committee consists of sponsoring executive, business executive, the CIO and key advisers as required, whereas an IT Strategy Committee is composed of board members and specialized non-board members.
Regarding responsibilities IT Steering Committee ensures programs and projects meet business requirements and align to the IT architecture. They determine the overall level and allocation of resource to extend IT value across the enterprise while ensuring they communicate strategic goals to project teams and recommend changes to strategic plans. They also monitor and approve various architectures to support achievement of IT strategy while in contrast the IT Strategy Committee will look more at providing insight and advice to the board and act as subject matter expert on issues such as resource availability, risk assessment, cost optimization ,compliance all in relation to the organizations overall IT…...

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