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What Is the Difference Between Causation and Correlation

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What Is The Difference Between Causation and Correlation?

The major discrepancy concerning causation and correlation is the power and measure to which two things are associated and the assurance with which anybody can institute a underlying relationship. Basically when you say one thing causes another, you are saying that there is a direct line between that one thing and the result. Cause means that an action will always have a predictable reaction.
Once you describe correlation, the expressions cause and correlation grow to be easier to comprehend. If you see a correlation connecting two things, you can see that there is a affiliation between those two things. One thing does not automatically result in the other thing occurring, but it may increase likelihood that something will occur.
The way to understand the difference of cause and correlation can best be understood by an example. For instance, “Violent video games cause violent behavior.” According to all research on this matter, this statement is not true, due to the use of the word causes in the sentence. Research has shown that violent video games may influence violent behavior.
The correlation between violent video games and violent behavior some researchers have shown that there is a connection/correlation there. Violent games may influence others to act in more hostile but they are not the only reason and sometimes not even a factor for predicting violence. I believe that it really have a great impact on our children lives. We need to monitor what we watch or what we eat because our surroundings my influence a person to fight. Consequently, there may be a correlation and no cause factor. Plenty of people were violent, prior to the advent of video games, thus if you’re deciding between cause and correlation here, you must choose correlation.
Wealthy people are thin.
People with long hair do better…...

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