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Throughout all our lifetime we are searching for answers to the questions of why we were created, why exactly we are here and what is the purpose of our existence? Not everyone, of course, is actually aware of what he or she is driven by, what makes him or her live. That is why people’s daily thoughts and speculations are focused mainly on the same topic, for instance, what is the meaning of life, why do we all have to wake up in the mornings in order to go to school or office, why do we struggle with ourselves, overcome problems, learn from mistakes we have made and then make new ones, etc. Lots of scientists’ and other outstanding people’s works from different times and generations were contributed to trying to come up with a definition of a life meaning matter. And the only thing that is obvious is that the answer to this eternal question is fully individual. What one might see as the purpose to exist, another might address as absolutely irrelevant and not interesting matter to consider. What individuals search …show more content…
Human beings are under pressure of finding their life purposes in order to succeed and bring something meaningful to this world. We are all scared of death; the fact that any day might be the last one often shades the minds. People are panicked that nothing is done yet and there is no time left. It means that instead of enjoying the life and following the dreams, we are vainly trying to fight the cycle of life. But according to Alan Watts, death presents us opportunities . In other words, if death was socially understood acceptance, it would stop being so fearful. Instead of institutionalizing death out of the way, we would clearly see that the universe is full of opportunities that we should take. So why to waste time on fear of something that is inevitable and try to violate the life cycle, if we can just take it as a motivation to accomplish all our plans and then to pass the turn to future

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