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What Is The Use Of Suspense In Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

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In Cold Blood by Truman Capote follows the thrilling investigation of the cold blooded murders of the Clutter family during the 1950s. Without an apparent motive, the conviction of the killers was like a wild goose chase. Capote, as a writer, uses many writing tactics and multiple points of view in order to handle the actual murder of the Clutters. Throughout the book Capote slowly, but surely, reveals the key details and events that took place on November 15th. In the beginning of the book it opens with the description of every member of the Clutter family. Even though Capote is writing the book after the murders had actually happened, he somehow manages to describe the Clutter family on a personal level. By using other people's encounters with the family before their deaths, the reader feels as if they are reading direct encounters with the Clutters. The author uses elements of suspense …show more content…
With the very descriptive testimony that Perry Smith gave about the actual murder for the family was both shocking and somewhat predictable. The writer had provided the reader with somewhat foreshadowing by presenting us with the actual backstories and personalities of the killers before telling us what actually happened to the Clutters. By telling us things like Perry's upbringing, his relationship with his father, Dick's potential, and their contradicting personalities it helped not to judge Dick and Perry so fast based on their crimes. Truman Capote had handled the actual murders of the Clutter family with care. He made all accounts of the story being told personal and thrilling. Instead of vilifying the murderers right away he told the story in a way that had left the reader wondering the story and motives behind the murders. What had happened to the Clutter family was absolutely horrible and Capote had told their story and handled the murders in a great

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