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What Is Your Experience with Decision-Making Models?

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People make decisions every day. Whether they are as easy as deciding if they want to eat breakfast or as complicated as choosing their life partner. Decision making is a continuous activity human kind does on a daily basis. The same approach is taken in the business world. From the decision as simple as to when to answer the phone to the decisions as complicated as terminating an employee for misrepresentation and fraud. My experience in decision making models has been quite extensive when it comes to creating “How to” processes and timeframes. What is your experience with decision-making models?
Decision making is a constant activity humans do on a daily basis for our personal lives and in the business world. Decision from as simple as picking the right furniture to divestitures and acquisitions; business decisions are an every day task. In order to make the right choices businesses develop “how to” models or procedures to help them take the best decisions based on the information available at the time and using the existing resources.
My Personal Experience
From counseling employees to persuading the president not to make changes to the current strategies, decision making is an every minute happening in my current role.
One of my current responsibilities is managing the short and long-term disability policies. In order to be able to manage the volume of claims a model had to be created. My role was to identify the members of the committee and create the timeframe. One of the things that need to be taken in consideration was the law. For example, ERISA is one of the many laws related to disability and it limits the number of days that can be taken to make a decision. Therefore, my focus for the timeframe was on this law.
In my past experience, decision making played an extremely important role. I worked for a hospital...

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