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What Is a Socratic Seminar?

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As soon as we received the sheet describing my first Socratic Seminar a few thoughts came to mind. At first I was confused. “What is a Socratic Seminar?” I thought. Second, “this could help my grade”. Finally I said to myself “this is going to be fun”. The nights leading up to the seminar I read through the question and Alice in Wonderland, searching for quotes and evidence to answer the questions given out. In my opinion I found some quality quotes to answer questions that supported my interpretation of the text. Walking in the first day of the seminar I was ecstatic. I had all my notes in order, had my book in hand, and was already brainstorming ideas for discussion. Right at the beginning of the discussion I came out firing valuable points. In my opinion the points I had were very good points, they were backed by textual evidence, and I discussed them in a respectful manner. Throughout the period I did same thing a couple more times. As the first day of the discussion was coming to a conclusion I thought to myself I did very well in my first day of my first Socratic Seminar. Day two started similar to day one. I took copious notes while giving excellent input to the discussion. However, it did not go as routinely as I thought it was going to. The final questions perplexed me. As I sat and pondered on what to put into the seminar I was having trouble. When I got home and opened my notes to tweak some points I had I knew that day three had the hardest questions in store. I buckled down and opened my book again and went through searching for answers and evidence. When the second bell rang to initiate period four I was sitting awaiting the beginning of the final day of the Socratic seminar. I knew I needed to have a big day in order to get a good grade. As the discussion began my classmates were throwing out fantastic points on their interpretations of the text. I was astonished with some things my peers were saying and as I was writing notes on these points I was philosophizing on what I could possibly use for my own point. The questions required me to observe the text with extreme detail, and this is my weakness. I was becoming uneasy because I did not have points that were as deep as others were. My research had only taken me so far and I was admittedly stumped by some of the answers to these questions. Nevertheless, I continued to take numerous notes on the exceptional discussion that was going on around me. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar as a whole. It forced me to further understand my interpretation of the book and also gave me insight on what others thought of the book as well. The notes that I took, I feel, will provide me with superb views on Lewis Carroll’s ideas hidden deep within Alice in Wonderland.

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