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What Is the Hr Industry Today?

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As of the 90’s to currently, the field of Human Resource has shown considerable changes, in the role of the department and how roles of HR professionals differ then compared to now. The state of HR as far as recruiting, in many big corporations today is being downsized because of portal systems. Portal systems are computer programs that are being used in the HR field to submit our candidates; instead of talking on the phone directly to the HR department your resume would go usually straight to the hiring managers or their assistants to review and bring in the candidates. There are replacements of humane job by technology in the HR field, not to mention globalization, where cheaper labor can be allocated with the use of technology. As far as employee in a corporation or company HR is still a big part of a company they are the people that employees can go to. HR takes care of benefit packages, payroll, training and employee reviews; make sure the laws are upheld, new hire paperwork etc.
Outsourcing seems to be the future of HR, prior the same thing happened with the benefits department, HRIS, employee relations; all these departments used to be specialized roles then in the mid 90’s we heard the term “Generalist.” Being in HR requires a number of talents; the role brings with it the potential to make a big impact on the lives of individual working for the company. Some HR departments are being eliminated and outsourced, and that does not look good towards student in school getting degrees for this profession. With HR producing leaders, the state of HR can change where HR professionals can now be a part of the strategic department in making Decision Company wise. Organizations that thrived in recent years have one thing in common, intense skills are critical to all major job roles, such as sales, finance, IT, marketing, engineering and HR. Companies should…...

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