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What Is the Most Important Thing to Survive a Disaster?

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What Is The Most Important Thing To Survive A Disaster? ‘The End is Near’ – While this short but somewhat perturbing phrase might have become a common sight since the Mayan prediction of 2012, reactions to it vary from one person to another. However, deep down, everyone realizes that it could indeed be the grave truth and naturally feel apprehensive. In such a situation, the next sensible step is to acquire training in survival skills and make adequate preparations should disaster strike sooner than expected. Given the fact that ‘End’ could arrive in various ways – an explosion, a natural disaster or an accident being some of the possibilities – the onus is on you to grasp the situation and swing into action swiftly and logically. Ensuring survival is the main objective and for fulfillment of this goal, presence of one factor, namely the will and determination to survive followed by resilience, is a must. True though it is that your training will teach you what to do in the event of a disaster and how to organize things around you, first and foremost it is imperative to maintain clarity of thought and resisting panic attacks. Panic is the first reaction that most humans exhibit when faced with a disaster irrespective of its magnitude and it does take plenty of fortitude to overcome this emotion but it must be done. Letting panic sweep over your thoughts would not just cloud your judgment but also plunge you into the depths of despair wherein the temptation to give up would be great and quitting on life would seem to be the only viable alternative.
Following are some of the steps that should be undertaken to prevent a panic attack during disaster –
• Numbed, dazed and confused though you might be, this is the time to take a deep breath, look around you and take stock of your surroundings.
• Praying certainly helps at this point as it serves to calm frayed...

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