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Unit 3 Assignment 2: Reflection on Essay Writing

There are things in the book that I have read and remembered learning when I was attending middle school, and high school. It opened up my mind knowing that I have learned these things in the past. On the other side I have read the book and learned knew things as well. It is giving me knowledge as a writer that I can use when I chose to write an essay or paper. I have learned that my writing style is to persuade and to get my readers attention by giving the reader something to relate about. I always think if my reader has gone through something I have went through or give them knowledge they can use if they ever stumble upon the scenario. Materials that were new to me were some things that were in literary analysis, and Rhetorical analysis such as how to revise, choosing an appropriate writing style, and designing. Things that I have already knew from the past was how to make a memoir, make a profile, and the little things that everyone should know about how to write properly with the write punctuation, and capitalizations.

The genre that was my favorite was memoir because it lets me tell you a memorable story in my life and about the things that I have experienced. It lets give you the wisdom that I have went through to pass down to someone else that can learn from it or choose to ignore it. Memoir also lets me express myself to get to the point that I am trying to give to the reader. My least favorite was profile because I didn’t really have an interest for it. I would rather talk about a memorable moment than a long period of time, it bores the readers. I don’t have any questions for the...

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