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What Lies Beneath is a American supernatural drama-horror film directed by Robert Zemeckis. It stars Famous actors Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer which were the only choice for the lead roles. This is one of a few movies in which ford has played a villainous role. Story revolves around the perfect relationship of Norman and Claire Spencer until Claire starts hearing and seeing things. She gets to know the fact that there is a ghost in their house ,Tries to tell her husband about it but he didnt believe her and suggested her to take the therapy which she did. The therapist forces her to make a contact with the ghost to learn what lies beneath and she decides to solve the mystery herself. as released on July 21, 2000 at #1 at the box office, grossing just under $30 million. It continued strongly throughout the summer of 2000, and ended up grossing over $155 million in the United States, and nearly $300 million worldwide.

Most of us will think that a thriller teaming Michelle Pfeiffer, Harrison Ford and with director Robert Zemeckis who has produced some great entertainments (like Forrest Gump), would probably be another success and will be worthwatching like his rest of the movies not just because the cast but also because of the traillers that are so promising. Well we have to think again. Because you can never judge the the taste of the cake by just looking at the frosting on top.

Norman Spencer (Harrison Ford) a high statused scientific researcher, and his wife Claire (Michelle Pfeiffer) plans to reside in rural Vermont adjoining a lake, which had been the residence of Norman's renowned mathematician other traditional ghost stories, Clair who is a perfectly clean cut All-American ex-professional musician housewife starts losing her mind. Strange occurrences began to take place such as doors opening by themselves, objects falling on the floor without any cause that eventually center upon the upstairs bathroom.She's convinced that she's (probably a) witness to the murder of her neighbor. She also is starting to think that a young blond girl has haunted her lovely house. And all this atmosphere takes up a good first hour of What Lies Beneath, and then Michelle and her husband Norman go antiquing in the rustic town of Adamant.

The spooky atmosphere is more intesified with the involvement of the couple next door who acted strangely and thus clair starts to suspect them. but it turns out that it was nothing but a false lead and neighbors are quite innocent. But like all other horror stories women are so curious to know what is happening around so Claire's decides that she will solve the mystery.and while doing so she becomes aware of the fact the ghost of that girl is the ex girlfrnd of Norman whom he had murdered after having an affair.

The movie picks up a great tempo in the beginning. In fact, the real strength of the movie lies n the brilliant scene in which at first Claire starts to spy the women next door and even tries to communicate to her but fails.but unfortunately as the movie moved towards the conclusion the valuable insight simple dissapeared and all the interst was lost.

Like other movies the location was typical as most of the directors prefer hilly areas for a horror movie, as we all know that when the thriller flicks, white people simple love to run towards the hills. Moreover, the only sound we get to hear was the orchestrea,which bored alot as it is heard alot in many other movies previously, and no one gets scared, but what it really does is, stings in the ear. The score was produced by Alan Silvestri which was uninteresting and created a doubt in minds, was this film supposed to be serious or was it meant to be satire?

This movie was alot like was alot like house of mystery which was done by Bernie Wrightson in 70’s but to add more to the shame house of the mystery still endured alot of audience. There was nothing new in what lies beneath and sadly We've seen it too many times before, We've heard it alot. It's been done to death and this movie added nothing new to the thriller genre.

The movie starts with a collegiate post-partum depression scene in which Claire being a mother doesnt wants her all grown up baby daughter to go in the school for grown ups.futhermore, the question arises that what claire hallucinating because of her depression or she did see the neighbor disposing of the body of his wife. In between all this stuff lies history of a car accident Claire had a year earlier. That accident had more importance than anything else in this scene. There's a minor dramatic scene during which Claire's best friend Jody (Diana Scarwid) helps her and makes her aware of the way to contact the ghost.she then gives her a book with a handy spell to "conjure the dead". Well, we believe that they had to bring the ghost into the real world but we We just wish that screenwriter Clark Gregg had paid more attention to the concept of the story.

Although we have seen this concept hundered times before but it was done better than it has been in recent memories. They didnt put alot of special effects which was alot common in other movies instead they had taken a step back and returned to what makes movies spooky. The creaky door, reflection in the glass, the feeling when you know you just pushed that chair in a minute ago and now it's away from the table again. The most prominent difference in the movie was the silence. Most of the movie was in complete silence except for the sound of creaking doors, breathing which was building tension in the shoulders and making us slowly edge up on our seat. Not to foget Michelle Pfeiffer did an excellent job. The way she expressed fear using only her eyes was exceptional.

Although alot of effort was made in this movie but the poor screenplay proves that it truly doesn't matter if you place a director like Robert Zemeckis behind the camera and actors like Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer in front of it; if your screenplay is of very bad quality, then the film better rely on the pranks of the actors in order to survive. A poor screenplay which was so uninspired and predictable which bored many of us. All i would say that if the first hour of this flick was interesting but the end could have made a alot better than what it actually was. Other than that, this film is said to be a thriller just because of the genre there is nothing worth watching in it

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