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What Make a Good Manager?

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Western Governors University Course: TJP1 TASK 1 What Makes a Good Manager? The purpose for the presentation is to inform the audience about my perspective on a good manger; and also the skills that employers may want in a manger. The audience for the presentation is any individual or company that is interested in a subordinate’s views of a good manager. The significance of the chosen topic is to shown several key management skills, which managers should strive to have. Presentation Outline I. What Makes a Good Manager?

Hi. I am a student at WGU. The topic that I will be discussing is “What Makes a Good Manager?” I have worked for several companies, while dealing with different types of managers. My experience with these managers has shown me that not everyone can be a good manger. I believe that there are different types of skills; a good manager should have in the workforce to develop the company and its employees. At the end of this presentation, you will not only know my perspective on a good manger, but also the skills that employers may want in a manager. II. The Seven Management Skills

☺ Delegate tasks wisely to the employees ☺ Establish goals for the employees ☺ Be adaptable in your communicative skills ☺ Make time for the CEO, clients, and employees ☺ Identify achievements of their employees ☺ Think about permanent solutions, not quick fixes ☺ Don’t take things too seriously III. Delegate Tasks Wisely

☺ A good manager must be able to delegate tasks wisely to the employees. ☺ Trying to micromanage every process and employee is a waste of time; if the employee has demonstrated superb competence in conducting their daily job functions. ☺ Managers may have five projects that are due within the same week; therefore, they have to able to depend on their skills to know who can complete the projects efficiently. ☺ Randall Beck and James Harter wrote...

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