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What Makes a Good Writer?

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Gideon Mantonya
What Makes a Good Writer? When an experienced author endeavors on any type of written work, he is equipped with several attributes that ensure the success of his piece. What are the characteristics that distinguish between a writer and a good writer? A good writer has proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. He has an overall understanding of how to follow his introduction, and ensures that every paragraph is relevant to his topic. A seasoned author knows the importance of a catchy or helpful title and a clear thesis statement. Anyone reading a written work produced by a writer with experience will not have any trouble understanding what was just read. Good writers, clearly convey their thoughts and ideas and place plenty of time and effort into his work, guaranteeing their best was put forth. A good author has proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling which are essential to make a good paper. Without proper punctuation the reader may have difficulty understanding the sentence. Punctuation is important to break up sentences, if the sentences carry on too long without being fragmented, a reader may lose interest. Punctuation is important for the acknowledgment of another person’s words, making a sentence declarative or a question, and generally to imitate speech. Knowing how to spell correctly is necessary because misspelled words are confusing and unprofessional. To avoid unprofessional-ism, an accomplished writer will follow his introduction and avoid any sentences or paragraphs that aren’t associated with his topic. He will also make sure his paragraphs are interesting by using plenty of adjectives, lively verbs, and adverbs. While repeating oneself does emphasize whatever point a writer is trying to make, generally a good writer will avoid excessive repetition.
As a reader begins to read any piece of written work, the first thing he is...

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