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What Motivates Frank Addante

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What motivates Frank and how has that changed over the years?

Frank seems to be a “natural entrepreneur”. By this I mean he has a natural talent and the vision to connect a market with a solution as well as being attuned to seeing possible great ideas which others might miss. His first venture took off while in college when he worked for himself installing car alarms and automatic auto remote starters. This shows he had a strong work ethic and motivation to succeed and manage his life.

The first chance he had to

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|1. Entrepreneurial Motivation |
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|Frank Addante got his motivation to work from financing his college life in the first years. He worked on his own, sold and |
|installed car alarms and automatic starters. From this time on he continued to earn money through ad-hoc jobs to make his way |
|through college, but he was always conscious for good ideas, which he could transform into businesses. This chance was given when |
|he installed some high-speed communication lines for an office where two mar-keting companies had their headquarters. When the |
|owners of the two companies were argu-ing about any new ideas, they came up with a “search engine” for the internet. Addante...

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