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What Motivates You as an Employee


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What Motivates You As An Employee?
Johanne MacLeod
Indiana Wesleyan University

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What Motivates You As An Employee? Let me ask you a question. What motivates you as an employee? Could it be the external reward such as pay, employee benefits, and compensation packages? Or is it the internal reward such as a feeling of accomplishment, learning new things, or helping others? I am pretty sure that at one point or another, everyone dreams of having the ideal job. Whether you are in college pursuing a career or just settling at a lackluster job until you find your ideal job, something about an employer has to draw you in and keep you. Even if you eventually find what it is you are looking for, there is no guarantee you will always stay inspired and stimulated. Whether an employee has a positive or negative attitude at work is based on what motivates him/her. Some of the contributing factors that may hinder motivation are compensation packages, employee empowerment, and the management team. Although compensation packages seem to be the big motivation to keeping happier employees, the idea may only work for a little while. Companies try to create enticing packages for their employees. These enticers might include matching a percentage

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