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What Promotion Mix Is Permata Bank Using in Its Marketing Communications Program?

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Permata Bank uses a mixture of advertising, sales promotion, public relations and direct marketing in its marketing communications programme, with each promotional element targeting at different stages of consumers’ hierarchy of effects.
Advertising uses mass selling to reach out to, and increase brand awareness of the the large group of prospective buyers. PB uses both traditional media including television, newspapers and magazines, and online platforms like Facebook and Twitter for advertising. All of these advertising activities revolve around the same theme “Bank for You and Your Family”, sending out similar messages to its target audience and increase exposure of the potential buyers to the brand.
In conjunction with advertising, sales promotion provides a short-term stimulation of sales of PB’s financial products. In December 2013, PB introduced an instalment programme for high-end brands and launched cashback programme. These sales promotions seek to encourage both trail and adoption of PB’s financial service, increasing both first-time spending of new customers and repeated purchases of existing buyers.
Public Relations also plays an important role in PB’s marketing communications programme. Through a series of media conferences, forums and press releases, PB has made an indirectly paid presentation of itself to the general public. In May 2013, it sponsored Master Chef programme by RCTI, Indonesia’s largest television station, which further increased PB’s media exposure and portrayed a fun-loving and community-caring image to its potential and existing customers and shareholders. Apart from being a bonus point in customers’ evaluation of the bank, good publicity can further secure repeated purchases when customers approve of the company.
Direct marketing is used in both PB’s personal banking and wholesale banking. Telemarketing is made and mails are sent...

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