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What Psychology Mean To Me

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To me, psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. If the word psychology is broken down, the prefix, psych, means mind or mental process and the suffix, ology, and means the study of. I do believe that psychology has evolved. What psychology means to me can differ from the person that is sitting next to me in class than the professors definition of what psychology is and means.
I want to learn more about a couple of psychological concepts, one being dreams. Other concepts that I want to learn more about is how addictions can affect us either it be chemically or emotionally; another concept that I want to learn more about is how events in our lives when we were younger can affect us in our adult lives and older. My family does foster care, so it is interesting to see kids from when we just started now and see how my affected them, how being in the system affected them, and how their parents actions have affected them. Another concept that I want to learn more about is how economic statues, geological locations, and religious practices can have effect on a person.
I think that someone definition of what psychology is going to depend on a number of things like where they taught, how they were taught, what they remember and even when …show more content…
Humans are similar because everyone needs the basic essentials of life; that being food, shelter, water and clothing. Everyone needs to have connections/ relationships. I believe that everyone has self-motivation that helps them drives them. The motivation could be money, land, relationships, education, etc. I think everyone has a need to feel protected or safe or protect someone or something. Humans are similar in how and what they are made up of. If I was a cardiothoracic surgeon that needing to replace a valve in the heart, I would not go to the head, I would go to the middle of the chest, because (for the most part) everyone is made the

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