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What Really Motivates You

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RELEVANCE TO THIS COURSE: “Know What Really Motivates You” is an article about motivation in the workplace. Overall, the article promotes how leaders can create motivational fit for employees. It describes how to promote a way for workers to advance in their current work and shows them whether they are excellent at what they do or not.


1. “Know What Really Motivates You” focuses on how to get employee going and how to find what motivates them. From this article, at least three areas of experience should be developed. The first area engages how to manage your professional goal. The second area consists of how to create a motivational fit. And the third area demonstrates how to choose a role model.

2. Managing your professional growth is through first identifying your personality type. This could be done with a tool named the “Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.” However, this tool is not accurate to the fact because it doesn’t predict your performance and even if it does, it wouldn’t tell you how to improve your performance. Promotion focus or prevention focus in the other hand can be accurate at predicting performance and how to improve it.

3. Creating a motivational fit is a way to help employees achieve their professional growth which in turn increases performance and job satisfaction. It also helps creating challenges for employees and help to attain specific goals. However, when this motivational fit is not in line with the employees’ goals, it tend to be less valuable and the employees end up not benefiting from the program.

4. Choosing a role model should be possible after creating a motivational fit. It depends on employee’s personality. There is a type for the promotion-focused and another type for the prevention-focused. However, in any case, one should choose his/her role model according to what reasons best or what is...

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