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What Role Does Gender Play In Interpersonal Communication

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The other act I did in the library was at 7:30 a.m. I sat in a table with a two females who were talking and eating. When I sat in the table and placed a chair very close to them and the two women stopped talking and just stared at me. One of them asked me if they could help me with something and I just told them I wanted to make new friends. The two females were not very friendly and just kept looking at me in a negative way. After one or two minutes one of the women told me if I could please leave because I was interrupting their conversations by asking them their names or what were their majors. As soon as the girls asked me to leave I left because they seemed to be getting angry with me. When I approached Solange, she informed me the women changed their expressions from having a smile to quickly having a plain face with no emotion. My friend also informed me that the women would look at each other and make eye expressions indicating for one of them to tell me to leave them alone. The girls were not very friendly and wanted their own space. In the article by Karlo, he informs us that those individuals who are friends are much more likely to share space with each other than those who are strangers and this is true with the experiment I did. The two girls were friends and they were sitting next to each other and were very close and space did not matter to them, but as soon as I arrived they wanted their space back. …show more content…
When people are friends they are more likely to share space and do not mind sitting very close to each other, but when they have to share space with a stranger many people do not feel comfortable and start getting

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