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* What worked well in this course? (List everything that comes to mind) * Look at your list and choose one thing that you really enjoyed in this course and say what you enjoyed about that. * What could’ve worked even better for this course? (List everything that comes to mind) * Look at your list and choose one thing and give detailed example of what you would have liked to do in this course
I enjoyed studying this course, because we learnt many new things about communication and presenting skills. Actually, after I’ve done from this course I feel more confident. I can communicate with others in English a way better than before. Also in research skills, I improved myself and now I know many new tips about how can I make an excellent research and to be aware about the referring from other resources. Moreover, What I really enjoyed the most in this course is the e portfolio, because I really organized myself from the beginning to keep all my files in order so that I can use them for the portfolio later. Now I have a done a great e portfolio that I’m really proud of. To improve this course, I think we could visit some companies to know more about job interviews and some communication and presenting skills that employees need to have.

The most painful thing in my life is to manage my time, because I’m not used to it. I do all my stuff at the end. In this course I got the skill of how can I manage my time easily because our teacher worked on letting us take the responsibilities of our work. We have to submit everything on time otherwise we lose some marks. I used a very easy way to manage my time which is giving each course it’s time depends on its hardness. As this course is a more independent I worked on finishing my work as soon as I get the work outline which leads me to a lot of A’s.

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