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What Would You Do

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What Would You Do?
Scenario 1- Della the Delinquent Cat Lady

As the president of the board of directors of the cat shelter, I am faced with rather or not Ms. Della should remain as part of the staff at the cat shelter. There are several problems that have been brought to my attention and I feel that now is the time to figure out exactly what should be done regarding the matter. After, evaluating the situation and giving it a great deal of consideration, I have come up several solutions to the problem. One of the easier solutions would be to just let Della go. I have considered retraining Della as manager of the cat shelter, or having a sit down with Ms. Della and asking her how she thinks she is performing as manager. Also, I think that asking Ms. Della to step down as the manager and giving her a position that she can handle. Although, these may seem like the best solution to resolve the situation, I have to look at the pros and cons of any decision that I make. If I decide to let Della go, it might benefit the company in the sense that we can find someone that is really dedicated and committed to for fulfilling their position. On the hand, Della is already going through a tough time, and firing her will not only affect her, but affect her children as well whom she is trying to provide for. Retraining Della could really help her gain a better understanding as what is expected from her as a manger, and she could gain more knowledge that may help her excel as a manager. The con to retraining Della, doesn’t guarantee that it will improve her performance, and she might feel that she knows all that she needs to know being that she was the assistant manager before the promotion. I think that having a sit down with Della asking her reasoning behind her poor performance would give me a better understanding for her lack of performance. Della just might recognize that she is letting her personal life interfere with her job and should be able to separate the two. Worst case scenario Della has fail to recognize her faults and may think that she hasn’t done anything wrong and feel that I know her situation and should get away with it. Also, considering asking Della to step down as manager could be the best alternative, and giving her a position that is better fit for her. Making this decision not only ensures Della a job, but it also gives the company an opportunity to find something that is more flexible for Della, but it ensures that the company is able to live up to their name, which is to care, house, and provide a home for neglected cats. The downfall of giving Della a demotion is that the fact that she is a salaried worker and finding a job that is fit for her type of pay, or rather or not to reduce her pay as well. As the president, I think it is best fit to keep Della but just give her another position. I am aware that Della neglected her duties as a manager, but she has been an excellent employee for this company, and that should be taking into consideration. I will implement my decision, by sitting down with Della, and explained to her the different issues that I have with her. There will be an occurrence documented that she must sign and adhere to all the duties expected from there on out. I do think that this situation should have been addressed when the first incident came about. Instead she was rewarded with an assistant, but still failed to ask her assistant for help. I will make sure that Della is aware that her actions were not okay and that she must demonstrate improvement from this point and so on.

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