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"The Sun Rising," poem Review

"The Sun Rising," by John Donne, is a lyric poem about two lovers.This is a dramatic poem where the SPEAKER and his lover are in bed together. The speaker personifies the sun, and is speaking to it throughout the poem. As the sunlight comes through the WINDOWS, the speaker tells the sun to leave them alone. He seems to feel that their life together is complete, and that the sun is being a nuisance. He then tells the sun that his lover is worth more than anything the sun can ever find outside their bedroom.
The sunrise has provoked the speaker to speak. The sun is symbolic of an intruder. Although the speaker acts extremely conceded in parts of the poem, perhaps he is actually insecure and fears that another man will steal the heart of his lover. Maybe the sun is symbolic of another man, which may be the reason that the speaker is really upset. It is also a possibility that the speaker realizes that he is getting old and is worried that his "time" is soon goi.
This is essentially a poem that deals with love and is an expression of the intensity of love that the protagonist has for his partner. It is also a poem that intends to show the universal value and meaning of true love. The central literary device used in the poem is a form of extended metaphor, known as a “conceit”, which functions to enhance the themes and meaning and express the poet’s feelings. An argumentative tone is used throughout the poem. The poet uses this method to further enhance the point that he is trying to make. The poem begins with the lines: “Busy old fool, unruly sun.” The protagonist berates the sun for waking him and his lover from their state of ecstasy. The poet in fact uses personification by addressing the sun as a person. He expresses his view that the sun is a” fool” for shining through the windows and wakening them. This foolishness is due to the…...

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