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Do sane people really buy things over the Internet?

Absolutely. People use the Internet to buy everything from dog bones to books to groceries, and even to shop for homes and cars. More importantly, their credit cards aren't immediately maxed out, their credit rating isn't destroyed, and their bank accounts aren't raided. Why not? Because shopping online hasn't, thus far, proved to be more dangerous than shopping at a mall.

As soon as the World Wide Web soared in popularity and legitimized the Internet for the nontechnical crowd, retailers envisioned the Internet as a marvelous combination of advertising and direct-sales medium. Savvy catalog-retailers focused on the Web to increase existing sales, as L.L. Bean did, offering secure online ordering via their web sites. Others created innovative sales models that took advantage of the Web's accessibility: the creators of realized that a virtual storefront was all they needed. With only a small warehouse, and without an actual bookstore, they could sell books cheaper than the competition.

Amazon competes against other big bookstores, but when you're buying books, you have other options. If you're looking for a Hemingway first edition, for example, it may be easier to find the book for sale by an individual seller--a collector in another state, perhaps, who is selling off his collection and advertising on the Internet.

The Internet has always been a haven for the esoteric and the strange, and that doesn't change when it comes to shopping. Looking for something unusual or one-of-a-kind? Try Usenet newsgroups, web rings, or collector's sites. Newsgroups like function as 24-hour virtual flea markets. Looking all over the world becomes as easy as looking down the street. The Internet also provides a convenient means for selling goods and services for the individual crafter or collector....

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