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Plenty. A continuing stream of information technology innovations is transforming the traditional business world. What makes the MIS field the most exciting area of study in schools of business is this continuous change in technology, management, and business processes. (Chapter 1 describes these changes in more detail.)
Examples of transforming technologies include the emergence of cloud computing, the growth of a mobile digital business platform based on smartphones, netbook computers, and, not least, the use of social networks by managers to achieve business objectives. Most of these changes have occurred in the last few years. These innovations enable entrepreneurs and innovative traditional firms to create new products and services, develop new business models, and transform the day-to-day conduct of business. In the process, some old businesses, even entire industries, are being destroyed while new businesses are springing up.
For instance, the emergence of online music stores—driven by millions of consumers who prefer iPods and MP3 players—has forever changed the older business model of distributing music on physical devices, such as records and
CDs, and then selling them in retail stores. Say goodbye to your local music store! Streaming Hollywood movies from Netflix is transforming the old model of distributing films through theaters and then through DVD rentals at physical stores. Say goodbye to Blockbuster! The growth of cloud computing, and huge data centers, along with high-speed broadband connections to the home support these business model changes.
E-commerce is back, generating over $255 billion in revenue in 2010 and estimated to grow to over $354 billion by 2014. Amazon's revenue grew 39 percent in the 12-month period ending June 30, 2010, despite the recession, while offline retail grew by 5 percent. E-commerce is changing...

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