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Wheels on the Bus

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The Wheels On The Racecar
By Alexander Zane

Bibliographic Information: Zane, Alexander. The Wheels On The Racecar. New York: Orchard Books, 2005.
Element of Music: Beat, Melody, and Timbre
The Wheels On The Racecar Happy children ready to sing along

Student Placement: Sitting in a circle in chairs
The student will sing along with the teacher to The Wheels On The Racecar
The student will repeat round and round three times
The student will repeat vroom-vroom-vroom three times
The student will repeat go-go-go three times
The student will repeat zip-zip-zip three times
The student will repeat steers and steers three times
The student will repeat zizz-zizz-zizz three times
The student will repeat glug-glug-glug three times
The student will repeat speeds on back three times
The student will repeat makes his move three times
The student will repeat zooms to the lead three times
The student will repeat swish-swish-swish three times
The student will repeat round and round three times

By Scott M. Fischer

Bibliographic Information: Fischer, Scott. JUMP!. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2010.
Element of Music: Beat, Rhythm, Form, Timbre
JUMP! Active children ready to have fun and dance
Student Placement: Standing up in a single line facing the front of the class
The student will hold hand on cheeks to indicate sleepy mode
The student will hear frog and jump high
The student will hold hand on cheeks to indicate sleepy mode
The student will hear a cat and jump high
The student will hold hand on cheeks to indicate sleepy mode
The student will hear a hound dog bark and jump high
The student will hold hand on cheeks to indicate sleepy mode
The student will hear a crocodile hiss and jump high
The student will hold hand on cheeks to indicate sleepy mode
The student will see the shark and jump
The students will smile wide showing their teeth
The students will see a whale and jump
The students will wave their hands in the air to imitate a whale setting sail in the air
The students will then jump to end the tale

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