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When I Crossed

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When I Crossed Hello,my name is Jose Sandoval. I am fourteen years old. I come from Honduras. I have one sister in California,the state of freedom. The reason I am here is because of all the violence in my country. My father died when I was just five years old. A a very terrible year for me. After my father perished I became the man of the house. I was always curious what America looked like.
My cousins and I always fantasized about it. It was like a big hot cocoa cup with a bunch of mushrooms in them. Ever since I was a kid I have always wanted to go to the United States. When my father died my mother knew right away that I had to leave to the free country. My mom hired a coyote to cross me over the border. The coyote talked to me before we left. He told me that once we crossed the
Mexican border everything mattered. How you walked,how you spoke and how you ate.
*Two months later*
I was walking home after work. It was like a normal day,except it wasn’t. Once I arrived i was surprised to find two filled up travel bags. At that moment I knew it was time to go. Two hours later the coyote arrived. I greeted him by saying “Hello coyote how are you doing today?” he said,”Don't call me coyote call me Omar and I'm doing ok”. After that Omar and I were planning out how we were going to cross the Mexican border. *Heist time*
We left Honduras in one of those big coca Cola trucks,except it didn’t have soda,It had people.
We were in the truck for what seemed like weeks. Finally the truck stopped. Everyone sighed. I heard shootings and people screaming and crying. All of a sudden I felt a slap. It was Omar.”We have to go! It’s La Migra.” We ran and were chased by at least 4 officers. Omar got caught but he from the ground he was screaming “Run.Run.Run. Head North.Don’t stop running.
Let only death stop you from running north!!.” I didn’t stop until I was sure I left the officers miles behind. *Dessert*
I was alone with nothing to eat or drink. It looked as if i was in a dessert. I found a highway that seemed as if it was headed towards a big city. I just hoped for the best of things to happen to me. *Hope*
After what seemed like an eternity of walking I saw something green in the distance. I ran all the way to it. Once I got close enough to read it I stopped. Parada de Gasolina a tres kilómetros
(Gasoline stop 3 miles). I had a smile on my face from ear to ear. I was in Mexico,but where in

When I arrived at the gasoline store I was surprised. The owner was actually giving me stuff for free which really amazed me. He made a phone call with somebody.Since I didn’t really understand his language I didn’t care. Moments after the phone call officers came in busting through the door.I tried to run,but there was nowhere to go. *Back at Home
Once I got home the threats came back. I was threatened daily. If it wasn’t a threat it was a death sentence I know I failed once,but I will try again and again until I prevail.

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