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When the King Took Flight

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When The King Took Flight

There are many events that happened in history that makes the world how it is today. Many people don’t realize that society has changed dramatically from the 17th century to now. In those days they dealt with a different type of government system, (monarchy) in which the king is in control of the government. Some kings are great in which they run their country well and have the respect of those around them and beneath them in society, and you also have those who don’t have the respect or the authority to the people. Everyone has their own morals, and what they believe is right and who is to say that Louis XVI was wrong for attempting to flee France. Sometimes people are put into situations where they feel their backs are against the walls, and I believe the King Louis XVI dealt with that feeling in 1791. All his life he was taught and accustomed that the king is supposed to be in charge of his country, and when people look at you as if you don’t exist and don’t even matter sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Even though he might have shown signs of inconsistencies and was very indecisive, at the end of the day he is king and he has the right to be indecisive as much as he likes. You can see from the start of the book, When The King Took Flight, that the people of France whether they were nobles or part of the 3rd estate they showed signs of not favoring a monarchy. Louis had begun to get frustrated to the point he couldn’t take it anymore and this is where the decision to flee came about. Louis had grown tired with the Revolution which he always hated because they had a strong belief in equality for everyone and they put limitations on his power which would only be more limits if he stayed. Louis and his queen Marie Antoinette knew the best way for them to flee is to act as if they were for the revolutionaries in...

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