When the Bully Is a Sibling

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1. Summary of When the Bully Is a Sibling
When the Bully Is a Sibling is text by Anahad O’Connor from The New York Times, who writes about how fighting and bickering between siblings, as we will call normal sibling arguments, can cause psychological abuse. Researches proofs that fights between siblings damage as much as if you were been bulling in school or playground, and it should be taken much more seriously. The families don’t acknowledge the fights, punched and kicking between the siblings and the parents thinks that the children might find it out. People think that if you were been hurt by a child, it doesn’t damaged as much if you were been hurt by an adult, but it isn’t truth.

2. Give an outline of the positive and negative aspects of sibling rivalry as presented in texts 2 and 3
Outline of A nasty case of sibling rivalry and Sibling rivalry lead to success and popularity in later life. I will describe the positive and negative aspects of sibling rivalry between texts 2 and 3.
In the article by Joanna Briscoe, A nasty case of sibling rivalry describes Joanna that sibling rivalry was daily for her and her brother. “To us, the conflict was a matter of life or death” (p. 4 l. 10-11) The fights was very dangerous. They were beating each other to the ground because of jealousy, and they were scared to be left. “Underneath all this is the fear of being rejected or abandoned by their parents (…)” (p. 5 l. 45-46) Karen Doherty says that “Four out of five siblings will torment, kick, punch, fight and annoy one another at some point during childhood” (p. 5 l. 77-79) Joanna Briscoe wants to apologize his brother, but she says that he should say it first.
In the article by Rosemary Bennett Sibling rivalry leads to success and popularity in later life describes Rosemary that the fight between siblings appears to be good. The arguments make…...

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