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Where Did You Get Your Morals Form

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Where Did You Get Your Morals From?

Morals, this is something that is supposed to define the actions, perceptions, and persuasion of the human existence. Google defines morality as principles concerning the distinction between good or bad and right or wrong. I do believe that some types of morality come at a standard in human nature, but to only select people. For the majority it’s a combination of what was instilled through parenting and what we acquired through our own observations in growing and learning. Growing up, there were several family members that helped raised me. Like all parental figures in our life there are some lessons and morals that were taken from those family members. The majority of morals that I have acquired, derived from my grandmother, grandfather, uncle and mom. There are also morals that I have acquired from living and observing actions and results, in which I am still learning. We had steps, rules, and procedures that needed to be followed during throughout the household. They started from the way that we spoke down to what could be touched during different times of the day. The parental figures set a lot of rules and standards in our household. Foods needed to match the time of the day. Such as; cereals and eggs in the morning, sandwiches for lunch, and whatever was cooked in the evening was for dinner. For the kids permission had to be requested to go outside and the destination or area of play had to be stated so that they were aware of our locations at all times. If there were guest visiting it was the obligation of the resident to speak to the guest, not the other way around (I hated that). The only thing that I did like is that we didn’t have to say “sir or mam”, because it made them feel old. A lot of people were raised on please and thank you. It was drilled to until the age of 5 years old, but it was...

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