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Love a girl who writes because she will be able to recall in detail the dialog between you two, and while it gets you in trouble, it's endearing and sweet at the same time that she remembers. This also forces you to choose your words carefully and you will become an expert in diction.
Love a girl who writes because she understands the complexities of characters, and knows you are more than your successes, failures, winnings, or losses. She loves all the layers of you, all the deep parts and even the shallow. When you are acting like the villain, she will see the goodness in you. When you are the hero, she'll still secretly admire your flaws. All the depths of you become her big adventure.
Love a girl who writes because she will give you the most beautiful settings you've ever seen. She writes about the paradises she imagines, the paradises she has been to, and shares them with you.
Love a girl who writes because sometimes a little silence is welcome.
Love a girl who writes because the post-it on your refrigerator reminding you to buy milk will be original and full of adorable metaphors. And because she is so creative, she'll put the post-it in your shoe rather than on your fridge.
In the fairy tale that is your life together, she will always make you prince charming, and happily ever after is a guarantee.
Love a girl who writes because when the poetry dies, she will make sure her prose keeps you alive.
Love a girl who writes because she understands the value of word choice, and will mean everything she says to you.
Love a girl who writes because she will ask you interesting things like "What does your name mean?" so that she may use it in a book someday. Not to mention you get to have a better understanding of yourself when you Google your own name.
She's always looking for the page-turner, which becomes quite exciting for you.
The storyline will never have to end. She will write all the sequels that keep your love breathing. And just so that you remember all the things you love about her, she'll make sure to include prequels too.
You'll never have to worry about dementia, amnesia, or Alzheimer's in your later life. She has already written out your story so that you may remember each other forever.
Buying gifts for her is oh-so-simple because she knows the incredible worth of a pen and paper.
She'll write you emails because the laptop is her friend, but prefers to show you how she cares by painstakingly writing you pages upon pages of letters when you two are separated.
Love a girl who writes because she can take criticism and turn it into wit, disappointment into accomplishment, and sadness into laughter with the wave of her pen.
She will spend her life coming up with a thousand different ways to tell you how incredible you are as she is not fond of repetition. But the words she will wear out is "I love you," because even she knows there is no better substitute for them in the history of writing.
Love a girl who writes because you will be her muse, her inspiration. Without you, she will have writer's block. Or write the greatest tragedy since Cleopatra and Mark Antony. Either way, you are the man she will always write.
Every day she fascinates you with a new genre. Today she is Romance, tomorrow Philosophy.
Love a girl who writes because when the cold winter of life traps you in old age, there will be somebody there to describe for you the summers in Paris, heat in Arabian nights, and tropical forests in South America so that you feel the warmth of adventure as if you were there. And so, in the twilight of your life, you will feel the touch of youth.
And finally, you must love a girl who writes because it is she who will allow you to live forever. With just her pen, she will make sure that you never grow old nor die nor fade, remembered for generations to come. A character in one of her stories, you will be given the gift of immortality.

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