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Where Is the Earth Heading?

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Where is the Earth heading?

Albert Gore's speech "Global climate change: Protecting the environment" is a very inspiring essay not just because global warming is a big discussed issue these days but also because it's one of the biggest problems. Some examples of worsening condition are the higher and higher temperatures all over the world, the poisoning of the water and air on the Earth, and another one “the unprecedented loss of living species at a rate that has not taken place on this planet since the disappearance of the dinosaurs so many tens of millions of years ago” (Gore). This is very shocking and unimaginable because without animals we neither the Earth won't be able to survive. Al Gore was preparing this speech very much, since he thought through the details about where it would take it's place or to what will make him look convincing and more trustworthy for his audience. He chose to preform it in Washington DC “at a first green university”, and he begins with thanking all the significant people who are there listening to him. Even through there is more young adults than “high positioned" people listening to his speech, there is at that moment most of our “next generation” science students that he wanted to inspire from beginning of their careers. Through his speech, he mentions that “soon 120 countries will have a meeting in Berlin” (Gore) where he will show that other countries are starting to deal with this problem all over the world too. A rhetorical situation in Lloyd Bitzer's essay "The Rhetorical Situation" is defined as: “as a complex of persons, events, objects, and relations presenting an actual or potential exigence which can be completely or partially removed if discourse introduced into the situation, .”
(Bitzer 6). So in this case the rhetorical situation is the problem in the climate change that we, as humans that live on this...

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