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Where Should I Go?

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I want to share to u a POEM I made when I was on my high school year.i think I was on my 2nd year at high is entitled "Where Should I go?" Well, it’s only now that I come to realized that i had chosen this topic because I was in the period of searching for myself. A period where I don't know where I'm going and heading. I was in a total confusion of where I should go.. Guess an identity crisis?!.. Well, I was in my teen age years and that's the problem of people when they are in that stage... This was part of our requirements at school in our English subject. I was inspired to do this poem although it was a requirement then. Where Should I go? It was more of my search about me and my sense of direction in life. I am now 22 years old and had graduated from the degree Bachelor of Science major in Psychology. I really did learned a lot from schools especially during my college years. And this is where I’ve fully realized my attitude then and why I wrote this poem... When we are in our adolescent stage (12-19), there are a lot of things we are thinking. This is where the identity formation develops. This is where we begin to build that identity within us. Most of the people at this stage are rebellious. Probably that's their way of finding who they are. There are a lot of confusions going on at this stage. Sometimes, most feel like they are living alone especially when they have no friends to talked to...But i cannot say that this is bad stage of human because people learned alot from this stage, experienced a lot of ups and downs probably because at this stage, they think negatively - dealing with problems negatively - and as if that they are thrown by the societies.. But I’m not generalizing teenagers. It's still a case to case basis but most are feeling this way... because its total change in their lives when they are at this stage...IN ALL...

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