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“Violent Media is Good for Kids”
Gerald Jones in his article, “violent media is good for kids” asserts that violent media is good for kids because it is not detrimental to kids rather it helps in character molding such as making them to be courageous, confident, self-esteem, and brave. Therefore, Jones believes that violent entertainment strengthens reason because of the way he grew up. Jones was sheltered from media, so he lived a passive type of life at his early age. The comic book his mother borrowed from Hulk violent character in the comic book helped him to overcome his fear. Just in the same way, I myself play video games, listen to explicit music, and enjoy watching TV. But I do this either to relieve stress, or just entertain myself. According to Jones, violent media often have positive effects on young kids because it can help them to draw out of emotional trouble and face some challenges in life. By showing the consequences of these violent acts, the media can show the kids the difference between real life. Jones discusses his personal experiences with children, especially his son and Emily. For example, his son was afraid to climb a tree, so Jones read the stories about Tarzan to his son which overcome him fears of climbing trees. In addition, he said that throughout the years, his son used the superheroes in films that he watched to overcome some challenges in his life. Jones second evidence is about Emily the little girl that experienced parent’s divorce. The environment she found herself forced her to be violent or act, draw, writes violent things, and any attempt to caution her increased the act of violence in her. He said that with the assistance of his mother and the use of rap music the little girl became a model. Also, Gerald Jones states that violent media has helped more people than its victims. He cited a psychologist consultation result with public school, and local government who works with the urban teens and believes that kids use violent stories to meet their emotional and developmental needs. Jones against preventing kids from watching violent films because they will not have a normal childhood and growing experience those kids who were exposed to violent media. After reading this article, I realized that violence for Gerald Jones and many other kids was used as the tools to conquer their feelings. I agree with Lou’s philosophy, an imaginary friend who is 24 years old boy Peace Corps volunteer, even though he loves video games, his own beliefs of life are to worry about his future. Teenagers who follow their own morals and good judgement will find that they will be in less trouble situation. Learning not to believe everything they see and hear will help them to come to the reality with this ever changing world.

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