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Which Best Describes the Types of Agency Authority Held by Officers of a Corporation

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Values and Ethical Decision Making
May 26, 2011

Values and Ethical Decision Making
From the day we are born we are taught to walk, talk, think for ourselves, shown the difference between right and wrong, and hopefully learned the proper way to treat people. These things that are ingrained in us from birth are a culmination of what society as a whole deems acceptable and unacceptable. But also reflect individual preferences brought on by personal experiences we ourselves or our ancestors had that mold or contort what we feel about certain subjects. It’s human nature to seek out those with the similar attributes and form bonds with those people, whether it’s on a personal or business level.
Personal Values In order to truly understand where one sits in many of their personal values, they must take into account many factors including, age, sex, religion, sexual orientation, region you live in, and so forth. The culture in which you are raised has a value system in place, possibly hundreds of years. The things looked upon as acceptable behavior can vary greatly from one place to another. Personal values stem from a broader source, first you have society’s values and beliefs in the culture you are raised, adding to that your parents have their own set of values and beliefs they carry with them. Personal values are the driving force influencing everyone’s actions and reactions (Raj Soin College of Business). And as we grown and progress in life we take these values into every aspect, including the workplace. Seeking out companies with common motives that reflect and parallel our own personal values, interests, and goals and desires for the future. Personal values don’t just include those ideals we have now, but the ones we aspire to as well (Bauer). After taking the self-assessment, and reviewing my results I found that I fall in the category of Obligation…...

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