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Marketing Killer Product
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Tobacco is a nasty, horrible, addictive drug in any form or fashion. I feel that it is one of the leading drugs in America and it is legal. Legal or not there is to many American's addicted to tobacco, whether you chew it, or smoke it. If it was illegal people would farm it, sell it, just like any other drug in America, believe the government legalized it just to be able to tax the tobacco and gain a very large profit off of it. The government raises the prices as if the drug addicted people are going to quit, its just more money in uncle sam's pocket, knowing that the people are addicted to tobacco.
Tobacco company's will never stop selling tobacco because they know that there is to many people addicted to it and if they did not sell it, there competitor will and why loose out on all that money. Even tho, predictions are that one billion people world wide will die this century from smoking related ailments, (Armstrong/Kotler 11th edition p. 34.) Its legal and the tobacco company's know there is a very high demand for the product. There may be a few of the big bosses in these big tobacco company's have a little conscience and moral fiber in themselves but the big almighty dollars stands in their way. Therefore I think it will never stop the money is to good and there is way to many American's and foreign people addicted to it.
Cigarette marketers will continue there marketing tactics in any country that they can, as long as they are in the guidelines of that particular country. No matter if it is illegal in one country if its legal in another they will use it. At Philip Morris USA, our marketing goal is to find ways to effectively, responsibly and profitably connect our brands with adult cigarette smokers. We hope adult smokers will choose our brands ( Philip Morris USA currently are not using the TV, radio, cartoons, billboards, newspapers and magazines for marketing there product. Philip Morris USA, primarily connect with adult smokers in two ways:
First way is one-to-one consumer communications, which include direct mail, email, consumer websites and consumer marketing activities with age-verified adult smokers 21 of age or older.
Second way is at retail, where they present their brands to legal-aged cigarette smokers at the point of purchase. They offer programs to help merchandise their products and to help restrict underage access to cigarettes (
The explosive growth in digital technology has fundamentally changed the way we live, how we communicate, share infromation, learn, shop and access entertainment. In turn, it has had amajor impact on the ways companies bring value to their customers. For better of worse, technology has become an isdispensable part of our lives (Armstrong/Kotler 11th edition p. 26).
The food and drug Administraion announced rules that will severely restrict the way the tobacco industry can advertise and sell cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products, especially marketing efforts designed to appeal to children and teenagers. The rules will take effect June 22, 2010. Broad new powers Congress granted to the FDA last year, when it passed landmark legislation to regulate the $89 billion tobacco industry. The law prevents the FDA from banning nicotine or tobacco, but it gives the agency vast authority to regulate the ingredients in tobacco products and the way they are distributed, sold and marketed. “This is trly a hisoric announcement in our country's public health history,” said Howard Koh, assistant secretary for health. “This is designed to prevent our children from becoming the next generation of American's to die from tobacco-related illnesses.”
Under the new rules, the FDA will: Ban tobacco companies from sponsoring sporting and entertainment events. Outlaw free cigarette samples and giveaways of non-tobacacco items with the purchase of tobacco. Prohibit the sale of cigarettes in packs of fewer than 20, eliminating so-called “kiddie packs” that public health experts say make cigarettes more affordable. Restrict tobacco products in vending machines and self-service displays to adult only facilities, and require stores to place them behind the counters. Forbid tobacco sales to children younger than 18 and require photo identification for over the counter sales. Provide for federal enforcement against violators, ranging from warning letters to criminal penalties (

References Armstrong/Kotler 11th edition Philip Morris USA Washington Post

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