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Whitbread 5 Years Financial Analysis

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A evaluation of the financial performance of Whitbread plc since 2008/2009 based on an analysis of its Cash Flow Statements


The main business strategy over this period ......................................................................... 2 2. Horizontal & vertical analysis for the cash flow statement ............................................... 3 3. Financial statement analysis (for each year) .......................................................................... 5 3.1 Cash flow analysis ...................................................................................................................................... 5 3.2 Working capital changes .......................................................................................................................... 6 3.3 Ratio analysis ................................................................................................................................................ 7

5. Reference ............................................................................................................................................... 11 6. Appendix ................................................................................................................................................ 12

1. The main business strategy over this period

Whitbread Plc, a British hospitality company, currently positioned 59th on the FTSE 100 index (stockchallenge). There are two main business divisions, which are Hotels and Restaurants and Costa. Premier Inn and Costa Coffee are its primary brands. In addition, it operates other restaurant chains, such as, Beefeater Grill, Brewers Fayre, Table and Taybarns. The company...

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