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Essay Questions
1. Why is it helpful to have a topology of corporate crime, what are the main criteria used, and which criteria do you think are the most significant?
A topology of corporate crime can be extremely helpful in recording data for evaluation. The separate concepts and dimensions of each topology can narrow an inquiry to a very particular subset of activities, victims and practices. A database search on more information of topologies within this subset of White Collar Crime yielded very few results. The author examines this from two broad categories. accounting for several factors within criminology or social science to allow a better study of the topic, in a more narrow scope. From these typologies, we can also draw numerous scientific values.
The author uses the type of activity to study an area. The other typologies include, victims, such as the general public, consumers and employees. Another typology is the size of entity, such as the crime of a major domestic corporation. Thirdly, the product or service involved is another topology. Finally, the nature of the harmful activity. I believe the victim and type of activity are the most significant, because you will most likely have the most data to draw from. Victims will almost definitely report their loss if they suspect foul play; all the while the type of activity will be reported or derived from the victims report. These areas, in my mind, hold for quantitative data. 2. Identify and discuss how the corporate abuse of power, corporate fraud, and corporate economic exploitation are interrelated, and which segments of society suffer from these forms of White Collar Crime.
The corporate abuse of power, corporate fraud and corporate economic exploitation are interrelated by very undefined line. Based on my reading corporate abuse of power may be committed by a company who takes advantage of a tax break a local government may offer companies operating out of their jurisdiction. Also, economic exploitation seems to be when the corporation takes advantage of situations such as an ongoing war and/or demand for a particular product that they may be able to supply. The two aforementioned “White Collar Crimes” standing alone do not seem to be crimes at all. One is a smart business moving to an impoverished or growing locale while the other is a smart business in the employ of microeconomics’ supply and demand. Corporate fraud is what ties these all together. The corporation who bribes local government for the tax break and muscles its way into contracts, underbidding competitors seems to fit the bill. I do believe that the bigger the corporation the more opportunity they have to be able to take advantage of tax breaks, to be able to exploit supply and demand. The author doesn’t exactly say how something like that is illegal. I am familiar with Camden City, NJ who offers tax breaks to business within the City, such as Campbell’s Soup. I see how this benefits the City economy and employment percentage, but fail to see how something like this could cause harm.

3. What are the different types of retail crime and service fraud committed by small businesses?
Some different type of retail crime include Adulteration of products, such as tap water sold as spring water, “short-weighing” which seems to be when a retailer sells an item by the weight and distributes less than what was charged. (The reading suggests that this is a norm, I do not agree) Bait and switch tactics were mentioned. This was portrayed in popular film called “the Zohan” where a local shop owner advertises name brand products and sells a similar product for the same price. Some more disturbing crimes were the sale of expired food products which were fixed to appear normal and/or fresh to conceal growing mold or other defects. Service Fraud can be severe. Fake asbestos removal is something that can bear physical consequences to the employees and consumer, if proved well enough this would be a good case for manslaughter should someone pass due to asbestosis. Trusted professionals definitely take advantage of their positions when a pharmacist dispenses drugs that were not prescribed, or a more diluted drug.
4. Define occupational crime and avocational crime in the context of White Collar Crime, discuss the similarities and differences between the two, and identify the main groups that perpetrate them.
An avocation is a hobby or occasional occupation. Avocational crime refers to occasional economic crimes committed by respectable members of society outside of an occupational context. Occupational crime is a violation of the legal codes in the course of activity in a legitimate occupation. Our reading explores the level of respect of avocational criminals with regards to their occupation or the fact they may have a legitimate occupation. A carpenter working may commit several avocational or ‘folk’ crimes such as tax evasion using his status and modes of work to justify it. He may never be questioned because of his employment.

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